Security Consultancy

Fraud, Corruption, Disruption, These are cancers that can eat away at businesses and communities without your even knowing it. Even with all of the physical protection recruited and in place, the danger may be on the inside. Part of the 911 Group, Farleigh Consultants forms an integral part of our service offering. Staffed and managed by former police and military personnel, our Security Consultants have both a local and a global reach. Where trouble on the streets appears confined to your borough, it may have its roots many miles away. While our investigations may start in one city, many will take us to far flung corners of the country.

Security 911 is one of the best Security services providers in Pakistan. We provide the best Security Consultancy that will save your time and money. If you are looking for the Security Consultancy and not sure who to trust in the world like this, we assure you that we got the most trued employees. Now days we are living in the world where our lives and our properties are not secured. Now you can secure your most value able things with the help of our Security Consultancy with a trust.

Our services include Personal and property Protection, Security Consultancy, Security Equipment, and Security Consultancy.

Security 911 has developed from manned guarding business to a total Security Consultancy provider. Our solutions about Security tailored to your needs and come in all shapes and sizes. Pick and choose from a range of services, each expertly managed and designed around you. Our Mission is to understand clients’ specific requirements and meet their needs of security constantly by providing highly skilled and trained security personnel.

Our Major Security Consultancy: